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Swarthmore College



A Community of Support for Womxn Pursuing Engineering and Technology

The Society of Womxn Engineers Swarthmore College chapter is dedicated to creating a supportive community for womxn in Engineering in order to bring diversity and gender parity to the field. We bring learning, networking and advancement opportunities to womxn studying engineering.

Women in engineering face unique challenges - challenges that students studying engineering already start to see in the classroom. Raise your hand if you’re the only female student in your engineering class!

Only 13 percent of practicing engineers are women, and groups like SWE play an important role in giving women, and others underrepresented within the STEM profession, a means of connecting with like-minded peers and developing strategies and solutions to advance in their personal lives and careers.

As students, SWE is a place we can go to find mentors. It’s a place we can go to make new friends and build our networks. And, it’s a place where we can learn strategies to put our best foot forward as we jump into our future careers in engineering.

SWE offers a variety of unique member benefits to assist members at any stage of their journey.

+SWE Scholarships provide funding and support to women pursuing engineering.

+SWE’s Career Center features hundreds of job openings each month from some of the largest engineering and technology organizations across the globe.

+The Advance Learning Center features hundreds of webinars and e-Learning courses covering topics of importance to women in engineering.

+SWE’s Annual Conference and WE Local Conferences are also a great opportunity for learning and professional development.

+SWE’s Award program is a notable opportunity for movers and shakers in the engineering industry.

Through SWE membership, you can meet lifelong friends, connect with mentors and launch your career while being connected to the world’s largest network of women in engineering and their allies. Visit membership.swe.org to explore more about SWE and join or renew today!





Pronouns: She/her
Year: Class of 2021
Majors/Minors: Engineering and French
Contact: ericcid1@swarthmore.edu
Emma Ricci-De Lucca is majoring in Engineering and minoring in French at Swarthmore College. She is from the suburbs of Philadelphia as well as from Pisa, Italy. She is interested in bioengineering and its implications within the medical field. She enjoys building, designing, and working with her hands. You can usually find her researching a new project, sketching in CAD, creating in the MakerSpace, or spending time with her cats.



Pronouns: She/her
Year: Class of 2020
Majors/minors: General Engineering Major and Astronomy Minor
Contact: lye1@swarthmore.edu
From Vancouver, Canada, Selina Ye is a member of SWE at Swarthmore since her freshman year and greatly enjoys the events and conversations hosted by SWE. As a senior member of SWE, she hopes to help all engineers feel welcomed. Her interests include environmental conservation, swimming, movies, music, photography, and Chinese politics.



Pronouns: She/her

Year: Class of 2021

Majors/Minors: Engineering and Economics 
Hailing from the Mushroom Capital of the World, Catherine Mohr is an Engineering and Economics double major at Swarthmore College, with an interest in the environment. Besides academics, Catherine enjoys being outdoors and playing in various music ensembles on campus, such as wind, jazz, and taiko ensembles with the saxophone, flute and taiko drums. 



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